7 ‘finish the story’ writing prompts

1. I woke up, began my morning routine per usual. While grabbing for a mug to pour myself a cup of coffee, I noticed my favorite teal mug with the etched mountain landscape is now a lavender color. Looking around, I noticed more details of my home had been altered, like __________________

Stream of Consciousness

Starting a creative writing session with a stream of consciousness can empty out any personal thoughts or details that are lingering in your mind. You might be surprised by the gems that you write during this “zone out” time. Since I’ve started this routine, I have a difficult time beginning my creative writing time without emptying my thoughts and starting with a clean slate.

Creative Writing Practice: creating a character

If you’re like me, you love the idea of writing stories. Having your words be read by others. Publishing your work. If you’re like me, you’ve figured out how difficult that can be, especially if you’re creating characters and a story line from scratch. Today can be the very start of this journey – the seed that will grow into something beyond you. Let’s start with a character.