creative writing prompts to do while you’re stuck inside

While you’re staying indoors and relying on Netflix, social media, walks, and baking bread to fill your time, try out these creative writing prompts to let your imagination loose.

1. You ‘re stuck in a tall tower, and have been your entire life, waiting for someone to set you free. Well, that day has come, but that person wasn’t exactly who you were expecting.

2. Every day at the same exact moment, you spontaneously travel to a different place and time. After a while, you realize that you can take people with you as you time hop. On this journey, who do you bring along? Who gets left behind?

3. You live on small island community, knowing everything about each person. You long to travel elsewhere and meet new people, create memories. You find an opportunity to venture to the mainland, never returning to the island. What happens?

4. You wake up and get ready for work in a rush, a typical morning. As you venture outside, you have the eerie realization that you are the only person in a normally bustling city.

5. You have a dark secret, and the evidence of it is tucked under the floorboards of your bedroom. You come home to find the floorboard raised and the evidence gone. The only solution is to run away.

6. You receive a package in the mail containing an antique ring. As soon as you put it on your finger, your life around you begins to fall apart. Every time you get rid of the ring, it keeps reappearing.

7. You’ve moved into the neighborhood’s spookiest house. Each day the urge grows to stay inside, keeping you trapped within its doors. You don’t realize this until a year passes by, and you decide it’s time to break free.

turning 28: an absent year

One short (yet so, so long) year ago I wrote a blog post on about turning 27. The United States had begun quarantine, and I was scared. Everyone was scared, to a certain degree. I was laid off from my new job that I was barely getting the hang of, and my little family consisting of my husband, my dog, and myself were in a new state away, far from family, with no income, trying to keep it together.

an entertaining game during quarantine

Take some of these ideas, add your own into the mix, and pull them at random, doing one after the other. Don’t give yourselves too much time to think between each one – just DO. The whole experience made us feel like kids again, forgetting about the weight of the world. We hope you have as much fun as we did.

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