an entertaining game during quarantine

While being safe at home during this quarantine, we celebrated my husband’s birthday. Typically, we would go out to eat or go on an adventure on this special day, which obviously isn’t an option, presently. Even though we were inside all day, I wanted to find a way to bring the energy up and actually do something indoors, something he would remember.

I cut a piece of paper into a bunch of slips and wrote fun, quick ideas on them. I primarily did this so when he asked what I wanted to do I had a handful of ideas, but what ended up happening was a chaotic, hilarious game that I hope we can play every special occasion (or anytime we are desperately in need of fun).

Take some of these ideas, add your own into the mix, and pull them at random, doing one after the other. Don’t give yourselves too much time to think between each one – just DO. The whole experience made us feel like kids again, forgetting about the weight of the world. We hope you have as much fun as we did.

* * * * *

1. Your partner chooses your outfit for the remainder of the game out of their closet. Do the same for your partner out of your closet.

2. Dance to a song of your choice.

3. Google a couple’s yoga pose and attempt it. Take a picture.

4. Draw a portrait of each other. Put them in a place of honor.

5. Play hide & seek.

6. Find a deck of cards and play a game you remember from childhood.

7. Flip to a random page in a nearby book and read a paragraph, trying to sound like your partner.

8. Attempt a handstand.

9. Set a timer for 2 minutes and build a fort in that time.

10. Create a handshake with your partner.

11. Have your partner close their eyes and hide something. Play “hot or cold” to get them to find it.

12. Write a rap. Start with the first line and hand it off to your partner, going back and forth.

13. Pull out a musical instrument and jam together.

14. Choose a random show on Netflix, watch a scene or two, and reenact it as the show’s characters.

15. Each of you take a large sip of water, holding it in your mouths, and try to make the other laugh.

16. Stage a photo shoot.

* * * * *

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