7 ‘finish the story’ writing prompts

1. I woke up, began my morning routine on a dark Monday morning. While grabbing for my favorite mug to pour myself a cup of coffee, I noticed what was once my teal mug with an etched mountain landscape is now a lavender color. Looking around, I noticed more details of my home had been altered, like __________________

2. I love my small town; familiar faces with full histories, each street etched into my memory with permanent marker. But every once in a while, I look into the sky and see a plane distantly passing overhead. I can’t help but to feel I belong __________________

3. “When did you find out?” she asked me, a nervous smile plastered across her face. My stomach churned. She’ll never know that __________________

4. The day of the wedding arrived, and all I could think as I stood in the crowd of their loved ones, waiting for them to come through the reception doors, was __________________

5. Sometimes the truth slips out of my mouth without me trying. He turned back toward me, and I wished more than anything that __________________

6. Sixteen ignored texts later and I hear a loud knock at my door. What if that was him? What if __________________

7. To her, the worst possible scenario was to be irrelevant. This fear seeped into every single one of her conversations, causing __________________

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