a simple writing prompt to wrap up the decade

And just like that, a decade has passed. When I think about the year 2020 approaching, I think back to New Year’s Eve, 2000. My family decided to put together a time capsule, to be opened in exactly 20 years. In my 6 year old mind, this concept was incredible. I would be 26 when we opened up the time capsule. What would my life be like? Would I still be on the coast of Maine? Would I have gone to college, gotten married? 2020 bounced in my mind every New Year’s Eve since then.

Only 13 more years till 2020!

Even in my 20’s my mind would randomly bring this notion of 2020 up, even after my parents divorced and the location of the time capsule became unknown.

Only 3 more years until 2020!

Now that it’s 3 weeks away, I still feel that simmering excitement, only this time I’m not thinking about the contents of the mysterious time capsule. I’m thinking about how proud I am of how I’ve lived this past decade, and how ready I am to see what comes next.

I had experienced the highs and lows that life has to offer the past decade, all while looking forward to what I put in a box with my family while I was 6 years old.

As I sat down to write in my journal this morning, I unknowingly completed this prompt. Putting the past 10 years in writing.

In your journal, write down a few BIG, memorable life moments for each year.

Here’s a look at a simple version mine:

Go boldly into this new decade, setting intentions and following your intuition. Each year is a gift in and of itself, ready for you to take the leap and LIVE.

I wonder what you’ll end up writing for each year going forward…

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