4 writing prompts for big life changes

“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.”

– Gail Sheehy

1. In the first part of this prompt, focus on the location or state of mind you’re in. You’re walking a path that is familiar to you, a road you took often. If you are changing jobs, this could be a tour of your office or your route to work. If you’re uprooting, imagine your neighborhood or your home.

Write down the details of this location, this route. Details that only you would know. Who are you in this place? How do you perceive yourself?

Next, you’re walking a familiar path in your new destination. Imagine all the details you’d want to be there and write them down as if you’re already there. If you concentrate, can you see yourself there? Who would you like to be there?

2. You have set up a meeting with yourself to get a cup of coffee. This ‘other’ you can be you at any age, past, present, or future. What do you talk about? Is it awkward or comfortable? Is there something you need to know?

3. Write a list of songs, shows, podcasts, and books you’ve enjoyed during your time in this near-ending phase of your life. Have you attached memories or locations to these forms of media?

4. Choose a couple photos that resonate with you from your most recent phase. Free-write about your feelings and memories attached to these photos, whatever rises to the surface.

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