writing prompts to do with a group

Part of a writing group and need ideas? Look no further!

Many prompts and exercises we do in my writing group depend on the participation of the other group members. I realized that the most engaging sessions, the greatest group memories, and funniest stories come from ideas generated within the group.

Think about it. You have a group of creative people bringing their talent to one room; utilize it!

The following prompts require blank slips of paper for each member to write on, then pile together. Once everyone puts their slip in the center, each person picks and writes their own story according to the directions of the exercise and what is written on the slip.

* * * * *

1. On a slip, write down a first sentence for a story. If you’re struggling to think of a first sentence, imagine the time of day in the story, and perhaps the location. Once you all pull slips from center, each member must begin their story with that sentence.

2. On a slip, write down a profession. Each member picks one from the pile, jots it down, returns the slips to center, then picks from the same pile again. Write a scene where these two people interact.

3. Write down a random object on a slip. Pick one, write it down on your paper. Return slips to the center and choose again. Write a quick story using both objects.

4. On a slip, write down a scenario where you would feel victorious or successful. Put in center. Now, pick one and put a twist on it in your story.

5. Think of an awkward situation for you to be in. Write that down on a slip and put in a pile. Think of a random character trait. Write that down on a separate slip and put it in another pile. Pull a slip from both piles and write, including the situation and the character trait.

6. On a slip, draw a picture of a character, with some defining features. For example, if the character is a reader, draw a book and glasses. Put the slips in a pile and pull one. Write a story about that character.

7. Write down a superpower on a slip. Put in a pile. On another slip, write down a random word. Make it challenging! Draw from both piles and write, including both the superpower and random word in your story.

8. On two slips, write down a location and an emotion. Put into separate piles, choose from each. Write.

9. Each member writes a name on a slip and puts them into a pile. Pick a slip and write what this character’s bedroom looks like.

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