10 minute writing for your night routine

To me, mornings are for productivity. I drink too much coffee and harness my energy into speeding through my to-do list. The day is full of possibilities, but only if I check off every little thing.

It’s about midday when I realize the reality of my day, the obstacles arise in my carefully laid plans, and all the tasks I have yet to do.

At night, I often forget to do the one thing that would round out my day and prove how full and productive my day was. Reflection.

Journaling at night takes a different tone than journaling in the morning, often a more knowing tone, one that has grown and seen more. It’s strange how 15 hours can alter a person’s mindset, then reset the following sunrise.


Write bullet points of your entire day.

What were the notable tasks, meetings, or events of the day? What were the little, seemingly insignificant tasks you completed, or have not yet completed?

This is your time to vent about, be proud, or simply record your day.

Each bullet can be one word (or more), mapping out the course of your day. Once you’ve written all you deem important, look at your list. No matter how little you got done, be proud and appreciative of your day.


Write down a couple words that summarize your day.

They can be adjectives of emotions, nouns that represent people, places, or things, or verbs of action. These are my words from yesterday:

army information, laughing, puzzle

If you get into the habit of doing this every night, you can view a snapshot of your week, or month and gauge your general level of mood and activities.


Recording gratitude.

I know, the concept of writing and expressing gratitude is pushed down our throats on a daily basis. But, it’s one of those things that truly does make a difference when practiced regularly.

Start with a list of three reasons you are grateful today.

Thank you for Katie, who shows up to my house with stories and snacks.

Thank you for the ability to travel safely home from Paris after spending time with my lovely family.

Thank you for my husband who does puzzles with me and makes me laugh endlessly.

Each day, add more when you think of them. Eventually, you will go through your day looking for nuggets of gratitude, changing your perspective of the world and people around you.

The end of a day is often thrown away, already looking ahead to the tasks of the following morning. Relish your evening by appreciating your day that you have been granted.

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