10 minute writing for your morning routine

Every day, I notice new videos and blogs popping up about people’s morning routines. I think the part of ourselves that is desperate answers, for productivity, to create a life we’re not living, is attracted to these seemingly perfect people suggesting how we can start our day.

I’m not going to lie, I often watch or read these posts, and for an instant I make a plan in my head to follow-through.

“This is do-able. I can wake up at 5:30am to meditate and brew green tea, then have a 45-minute yoga session. Easy.”

The truth is, our routines take time to build. In my case, it has taken time to deconstruct how I spend my unproductive mornings.

I won’t lie and say that my mornings are flawless – I can assure you they, and I, are flawed. But, writing in the morning has helped steer me in the right direction.

After I wake up and let my dog outside, I used to set a 10-minute timer for this writing, but now I rely on the sounds of my coffee machine quieting to tell me when my time is up. It’s much less jarring and ends with a cup of coffee.

What I write each day depends on my mood, schedule for the day, and general stress level. I found myself writing a mixture of these three options in the morning:


Stream of consciousness journal writing: when my head is cloudy and I need to get my personal life splattered onto a page. For more info on stream of consciousness, click here.


List writing: when I’m stressed thinking about the day ahead and have an array of things-to-do pinging around my brain.


Creative writing notes: when I have a burst of ideas about a writing project.

Often, my morning consist of stream of consciousness and list writing.

BUT, once in a while there are golden days that bring me creative inspiration, usually after I’ve quickly scribbled down 1 & 2 and have space in my mind to think freely. Those are the goal days.

No matter how you spend your morning, whether it’s keeping a tight, productive schedule or a roll-out-of-bed mentality, you’re doing fine. If you feel motivated to change up your mornings, try changing one thing at a time. You may just end up with some inspiration.

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