7 quick life writing exercises

1. “I remember”

Turn to a fresh page in your journal and write the phrase, “I remember…” followed by the first thing that pops into your head. Fill the entire page with “I remember” sentences, focusing on the sensory details within your memory.

These can be used as an inspirational diving board for longer prompts. Take an “I remember” sentence and write as may details about the memory that you an recall. Then, write it as a story. How have you changed since then?

2. Favorite Place

Describe your favorite place in the world, down to the detail. Include all senses. Put yourself in that spot.

3. Photo Freewrite

Choose a photo. Write about the situation in which that photo was taken. Put us behind the camera and help us understand the backstory of that photo.

Another option is to write from the perspective of the people in that photo.

4. Stream of Consciousness Autobiography

Start your freewrite with “I was born” and let your thoughts flow from there. Ramble through the moments of your life that stand out, significant or not. This can be a short paragraph, or fill up your entire journal – just write without analyzing or thinking.

5. Sacred Moments

So far, what are your sacred moments that come to mind? In all of our lives, we have memories that stand out and give the perfect impression of our life at that time. Choose one and write about it in detail.

6. Pet Peeves

Write a list of things that annoy you and get under your skin. Be as picky and honest as possible.

7. “Today I noticed”

In your journal, begin each sentence with the phrase “Today I noticed.” Mentally sort through your day and write down what you remember, down to the tiniest detail.

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