turning 26: a quick list of lessons learned

1. You don’t have to tell everyone when you’re making a big decision. They might try to include themselves in ways that aren’t welcome.

2. Sometimes you have to give in and get the damn puppy.

3. It only takes a few days to completely fall in love with something.

4. A dishwasher and laundry machine running will create the illusion that you have some control over your life.

5. It’s nearly impossible to get rid of fruit flies.

6. Traveling is exciting, but it’s also expensive and stressful. Spending time at home is underrated.

7. Vent, then let it go.

8. Track your thoughts and words. Are you more positive or negative? Which do you prefer?

9. Some opportunities aren’t meant to be. Keep your eyes open for the next.

10. Write letters. Remember birthdays. Sharing love is something you’ll never regret.

11. Everything is manageable if you have a strong and loving partner.

And a bonus lesson from Josh: Don’t be afraid to start new things that will take years. It’s not too late. Everyone moves at different speeds. It’s okay to be a late bloomer.

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